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Location: Bahria Oriental Garden

4.5 Years Payment Plan

Area: 20 kanal

Launch Date: February 2021

Promised Date: March 2025

Delivery Date: October 2024


Some of the world’s oldest cultivated gardens can be found in Pakistan. The basis of our design philosophy was their history of establishing the Indus valley and creating formal gardens in the 16th century. ZEM Gardenia provides a world-class living space with adaptable necessities of a safe life and an opportunity to re-establish links with nature through our key feature: scattered gardens that will be connected to townhouses with all modern construction techniques and facilities, such as an indoor swimming pool, spa, gym, community hall, and indoor and outdoor sports. The building’s facade is modelled after ancient architecture and reflects the Babylonian idea of hanging gardens.  The tallest residential building in Pakistan’s capital, with 27 stories, aims to redefine luxury, novelty, and lifestyle. It is the most notable location in Islamabad due to the wholesomeness of the surrounding area. The breathtaking views of the lush green golf course, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Takht-pari forest, are unrivalled.
An Aesthetic appeal to your Lifestyle

Facade Structure

The facade of gardenia will be consisted of fair-faced concrete composed of precast with an exposed aggregate and fluted liner. The exterior is intentionally made to look raw as stone (concrete) providing high durability and complimenting the green that Gardenia has to offer.  The fluted liners made from precast on the elevation make it distinct and aesthetically appealing.

Gardens in the Sky

Gardens in the sky are the pinnacle point of ZEM Gardenia. These detached planters, bracketed from the balconies of apartments will add value to the life of occupants. The concept is based on healthy and peaceful lifestyle around nature and greenery. The cantilever planters bring the mothernature close to you even hundreds of feet above the ground level.



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Address: Ground Floor Plaza No 44,Main Hub Commercial, Bahria Town Phase 8, Islamabad
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Email: info@builtezi.com

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